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Naruhoshi PM2404 Compact Shaker, 24 inch wide, Free Shipping in USA

Naruhoshi PM2404 Compact Shaker, 24 inch wide, Free Shipping in USA

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Naruhoshi 24-N is compatible with Naruhoshi DTF Printers DTF2405/ 2406/2407 and can use all DTF PET Films (12", 13", 15", 17" up to 24" inch).

Naruhoshi 24-C is compatible with Dual Head Chinese design DTF Printer (13/14/17/24 inch wide) and can use DTF Film with width 12", 13", 15" 17" and 24".


  • Shipping Weight: 75-100 kg approximate
  • Net Weight: 50 kg approximate
  • Rated Voltage/Amps: 220V/ 20A

Dimensions: (

W x L x H)

Assembled: 38 x 38 x 38 inch

Un-Assemble: 33 x 29 x 38 inch  can fit to the door of 29 inch opening or wider.


  • Automatic Powder Application: Pour powder into the powdering section, and it will be applied evenly to your prints with variable adjustable speed controls.
  • Space Saving Design: offers the lowest footprint of any shaker, and with the same curing area as a long horizontal shaker. Fits through a standard U.S 30" door frame.
  • Dual Heat Zones: fine heat control and better temperature regulation 
  • Automatic Powder Removal & Powder Collect/Re-Use: Excess powder will be shaken off the film and recirculated.
  • Advanced Take-Up System: Additional tension bar to roll up the finished films better
  • Easy-Attach Fume Exhaust Port: Easily attach any fume extractor to the existing fume-exhaust port.
  • NOTE: Fume extractor not included, sold separately


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